50 Wedding venues in Nairobi

One of the first things you need to do is to book a wedding venue. In my search for a venue I compiled the list below with 50 wedding Venues in Nairobi. I intend to grow the list to include as many wedding venues both in Nairobi and outside Nairobi. To do this I need your help 🙂 Please feel free to comment on the article indicating other wedding venues in Kenya and lets make the list as long as possible.

  1. Aga KhanHigh School
  2. Barclay club, Thika Road
  3. Bomas of Kenya,Langata Road                             –
  4. Club Barn Ngong Road
  5. College Of Insurance South C
  6. Cool Breeze Hotel, Thika Road
  7. Co-operative Staff training Centre
  8. Evergreen Park, Kiambu road
  9. Florieta Gardens, Runda
  10. Hill Crest –Karen
  11. House In Bloom, off Kiambu Road
  12. ICC Church, Mombasa Road
  13. Jaffrey’s club-James Gichuru
  14. Jockey Club-Ngong Race Course Karen Community Chapel
  15. Karen Blixen, Karen
  16. KCB Sports Club
  17. Kenya School Of Law-Karen
  18. Kenya Wildlife Service – Nairobi National Park- Langata       –
  19. La Mada Hotel, Thika road
  20. Loreto Convent Valley Road Grounds
  21. Loreto Msongari, Lavington, Nairobi
  22. Maro Gardens
  23. Mavuno Chapel – South C
  24. Methodist Guest House
  25. Moi Education Centre
  26. Nairobi Arboretum
  27. Nairobi Pentecostal Church, Woodley
  28. Nairobi School, off Waiyaki Way
  29. NPC Karen
  30. NPC Thika Road
  31. Oak Place Training and Conference Centre
  32. Ol arabel
  33. Pan African Christian University, Thika road
  34. Paradise Lost, Kiambu road
  35. Park Place Hotel
  36. Rock City Gardens, Kiambu Road
  37. Safari Park, Thika Road
  38. Sailing Club, Langata.
  39. Savelberg Retreat Centre, Ngong road
  40. St Austins-lavington
  41. St Christophers-Karen
  42. St Nicholas Senior School
  43. Taiyana Grounds
  44. The Kenya High School, Kileleshwa
  45. The Shark Place
  46. Utalii College Grounds, Thika road            –
  47. Utalii Hotel, Thika road
  48. Village Inn
  49. Wanderjoy Party World , Kiambu road
  50. Windsor Golf and Country Lodge

2 thoughts on “50 Wedding venues in Nairobi

  1. In choosing a wedding venue, most people do not consider the lighting (if indoors or a late wedding going into the night) and sound.

    Some venues are very dark and thus have a negative effect on the quality of your video and photos. In the event that this is your venue of choice, you might consider hiring lighting professionals to assist with this.

    Sound can also be a major issue. Some churches are basically ‘a cave for the Lord.’ The architect (if any) did not consider the acoustics. As a result, there are echoes and this will definitely have a negative impact on your video. A different scenario is for an outdoor wedding, say on grounds right next to a busy road. For instance, LCVR, right next to the highway. Every bus that drives up the hill with it’s old diesel engine labouring away and should be impounded by NEMA for noise pollution will be captured on your video.

    My suggestion, ask for advice before settling on a venue.

    I am in the wedding industry and our company specializes in video and photography. http://www.reeltime.co.ke, dennis@reeltime.co.ke

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